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    S22 Eictric Road Sweeper With Rear Tipper Description

    S22 Elctric road sweeper is a innovative design, excellent performance of all-weather outdoor sweeping car, the car can save time, reduce the manpower cost. Machine maintenance is convenient and simple operation, applicable to sweep the road of factory or main urban area.


    1. Electric operation, noiseless, no exhaust emission, low using cost.

    2. The vehicle chassis adopts full steel stents, metal cab, easy cleaning and maintenance.

    3. Four disc brush symmetrically arrange on machine front and central, Rolls brushes in the central make wider range of cleaning.

    4. The unique spray system design with spray, dust fall fuction to ensure the machine no reentrainment in the process of operation. Provide the operator with good working environment.

    5. Big dustbin capacity, higher cleaning efficiency.

    6. Car independent suspension system, the driving stability is strong.

    7. Garbage self-dumping system.

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