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    S17/S18/S18X electric manned type sweeper can clean various types of garbage, such as dust and dirt, glass fragment, scraps of paper, tree leaf, cigarette case…They suit for factory of heavy dust or a large cleaning work(such as road, square, mines, airport, tourist attraction….)
    Features of S17/S18/S18x Electric Ride On Sweeper

    1. Rear-mounted refuse collection system, Can quick clean up garbage and sundries.

    2. The unique spray system design with spray, dust fall fuction to ensure the machine no reentrainment in the process of operation.Provide the operator with good working environment.

    3. The design principle of gears and accelerator is the same as car, comfortably operate as driving car.

    4. Imported front wheel drive system, durable, streamlined, unique appearance and appealing design.

    5. There are lots of series to choose,For example , manual dumping, self-discharging driving cab self-discharging and so on.

    6. Have garbage dump system, lifting height 112 cm, load capacity 200 kg.

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