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    S11 electric Three-Wheel Road Sweeper Description

    S11 electric three-wheel road sweeper mainly use at for clean-Keeping at sidewalk, bicycle lane, street, square and other public areas, etc.

    Features of S11 Electric Three-Wheel Road Sweeper

    1. Electric cleaning system, the machine can be used in a variety of occasions, high work efficiency.

    2. Intelligent charging, continues to work long hours.

    3. The machine is designed electric sweeping system, so it can high efficiency work in variety of places.

    4. Unique spray system design with spray, dust fall fuction to ensure the machine

    5. Electric operation, noiseless, no exhaust emission and low using cost.

    6. Use integrated control system, safe and reliable, rapid speed and working.

    7. All-steel chassis, driving comfort.

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