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    Much was made during Beta for 3.0 about the changes to Glacial Cascade and there were some insane mine damage builds using this skill. I’ve seen only a couple of builds for self cast Glacial Cascade so perhaps this build will interest you. Are there any self cast builds for glacial cascade? You can buy PoE Orbs cheap on U4GM if you don’t have enough time to make money.

    ▶ Self-cast has the downside of having too slow of a cast time. While as mines and totems can pull off much higher dps numbers by not worrying about that.
    ▶ Using spell echo greatly decreases your gc dmg and the casts per second cant even come close to totem or mine builds wven with using the gem.
    ▶ And as a final nail to the coffin, totems and mines ( especially mines) get more effective dmg nodes and gem damage multiplier than self cast versions.

    You can easily make almost any ascendancy into self-cast GC. Some good ones include – Inquisitor, Elementalist, Flask-finder, Assassin, Trickster and Ascendant. The question is how much of the endgame you wanna be able to easily clear with it. You can certainly do Guardian maps on Jugg or Berserker self-cast GC (which is supposed to be an example with an ascendancy that’s not designed to be a caster) and if you’re persistent you can probably run over Shaper.

    But your clear is probably going to be slower than the rest of the potential builds with GC and/or require better items to achieve the same efficiency, but if you’re no interested in being competitive about your character choices then you can run anything. You have enough options in the game to make it work decent. At the same time, there is POE items for trade on our site.

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