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    1. Condition hair

    Condition your mane after washing, and utilize a deep conditioning mask each one or two weeks. Tip: issue the ends only, to protect yourself from greasy roots, weave hair . Conditioning head of hair will restore moisture to it, leaving it clearer and less likely to tangle.

    2 . not Use a wide tooth clean

    A wide tooth comb not merely can remove the tangles well, but also protect your hair with being torn and ruined. Start at the bottom of the bowknot, and patiently work on your path up until it is combed available completely.


    3. Brush frizzy hair consistently

    Gently brush your mane 2-3 times a day getting a soft bristle brush, hair weave ,especially well before a shower and previous to sleeping.

    4. Protect head of hair while you sleep

    You should sleep through dry hair. It is recommended to utilise silk or satin pillow wedge cases.

    5. Choose the right products and solutions

    Do not use any merchandise that contain alcohol, human hair weave . Alcohol certainly dries out your hair besides making it more prone to tangling. It is recommended to choose natural, sulfate and alcohol-free products, or possibly those specifically designed for complex hair.

    6. Braids. Braids. Braids.

    Tying your hair in a ponytail all the time will cause hair breakage and sometimes department ends. Therefore , brazilian human hair weave ,it is recommended to try and style your hair differently than a day-to-day ponytail in the exact same area every time.

    Alternatively, you can try the cordless coil hair scarves or scrunchies to do your company’s ponytails and buns.

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