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    It’s not always intuitive to take care of synthetic wig! Free of moisture ends on a synthetic hair comb require special care.

    Eliminate the ends of the hair comb to get rid of dry ends. Model it into a new, malaysian curly hair ,lower shape after trimming as well as cutting the wig. You can actually only do this a few times as the ends will never grow to come back.

    Apply a heavy-duty moisturising or leave-in conditioning solution on synthetic wig. Larger is better. You need look for a gel or cream with treatment ingredients such as jojoba olive oil, shea butter or almond extract, since synthetic head of hair cannot actually absorb the main moisture. Spray oil to the ends can add much-needed fluid and shine, deep wave weave .

    Detangle the exact ends, for tangles might make the ends of your hair brush look dry and frizzy. Gently work through the knots at the ends of the hair brush by using your fingers or even a wide-tooth comb. If the knots are very difficult to remove, you would like apply a detangling serum. Do not use a fine-tooth hair comb. Otherwise, it will increase the frayed appearance of the wig.

    Have a heat styling tool soon after applying your product should your wig is heat-friendly. After most synthetic wigs come across heat, they will burn or simply melt. Some synthetic wigs, however , brazilian hair weave ,are specially established to withstand heat. Thus, it is possible to smooth the dry closes and improve the frayed take a look by using a curling iron or possibly flat iron. It is recommended to use this setting to start, and slowly and gradually increase the temperature. During this practice, you should constantly check the hair brush to make sure it isn’t receiving damaged.

    You can thoroughly read the packaging or the many wig shop where the hair brush was bought to check regardless if your wig is heat-friendly, hair weave styles .

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