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    Zhengzhou First Grain and Necessary crude oil refinery Machinery Co., Ltd are experts in all kinds of cooking rice grain oil press machine. Hemp bran oil press equipment is designed with own warmth source, electric control method. User only need to prepare strength, water, fuel, caustic soft drinks, phosphoric acid and clay surfaces etc to complete the necessary oil refining process.

    Operation training of edible palm oil refinery sophistication machine unit:

    Preparation regarding starting equipment:

    1 . Check crude oil, and check acid value and shade, if you have laboratory, please carry out sample test.

    2 . Hook up cooling water

    3. Put together bleaching clay, caustic soda(NaOH) and coal;

    4. Be connected electric power.

    5. Check regardless of whether vacuum pump,edible oil refinery machine press machine, air refrigerator, filter and heat louage oil pump are alright.

    6. When changing heat affermage sunflower oil refinery, must heat it for a few hours about 98℃. If you have no steam to pour from head tank, it may be ok to heat that to 280℃ slowly.

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