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    1 . Application for the Screw oil based making machine:

    The bolt oil press machine may used for pressing soybean, almond, sesame, sunflower seed, rapeseed, cottonseed, copra, castor pulses, hemp, flaxseed, almond, peanuts and so on, more than 20 varieties of raw materials.

    2 . Main Attributes of the Screw oil doing machine:

    1). High petroleum yield, small space filled and low expense with equipment and electricity.

    2). Mufti-functional used for pressing a variety of of vegetable oil machine crops.

    3). Simple operation and sturdy production performance.

    4). A variety of machine models for selections according to the capacity.

    5). Trusted by small workshop in addition to factories and hot providing at home and abroad.

    3. Main Parts Of The Intelligent Oil Press Machine:

    1). screw shaft

    2). feeder

    3). pressing cage

    4). sunflower oil machine price pan

    5). extracting bolt

    4. Operate Control Of The Automatic Oil Media Machine:

    1). stir-fring the very seed

    2). feed inside press oil machine seed

    3). lifting the seed in the troubling chest

    4). oil trickle on the oil pan from squeezing bolt

    5). then simply oil inflow the hoover oil filter pan by vacuum system

    6). afterward pure oil come out of the main filter

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