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    Auto duct production line 5 is composed of feeding rack, leveling beading machine, hydraulic shear angle machine, hydraulic plate shear,displacement type combined locking machine,Round Duct Machine , manipulator hand material positioning and conveying platform, duplex TDF flange machine and duplex angle steel flange machine, servo feeding platform, pneumatic folding square machine, electric control part adopts full computer control, bending servo feeding, positioning precision, especially in the processing of square pipe, guarantee the precision of bending, its maximum feed speed is 16m/min, the length of error is plus or minus 0.5mm,this line can be processing TDF flange and angle steel flange duct,exchange is simple and rapid, Duct Making Machine .

    Round Duct Machine

    The features of this machine are covers a small area, linear processing, high production efficiency, it can make a small section of the square duct. TDF flange duct with minimum cross section of 200*200 mm.

    Basic Configuration:

      1.One electric roll frame, four material trays. Square Duct Machine . (5-7T each roll)
      2.One supporting frame
      3.One host (line ii host)
      4.One manipulator hand material positioning and conveying platform
      5.One displacement type combined locking machine
      6.One duples TDF flange machine
      7.One duples angle steel flange machine
      8.One servo feeding platform
      9.Pneumatic folding square machine.Punching Machine .
      10.One set of computer controlling system

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