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    One can find different weaving techniques. People either can use human scalp and artificial hair and also use yak hair for you to weave. During the process of curly hair weaving, queen hair bundles ,you can use different system, including bonding method, checking, fusion, netting, tree braiding and clip in.

    Glue clumps (tracks) connected with hair to the natural scalp with a glue designed for which will purpose. This meth can just only last for a week or two, for it can break the natural hair.

    Braid natural hair in bags around the scalp, and then affixz the braids flat to head and sew often the extensions directly to the braids.

    Note: Take care of these extension cords as if they were your all-natural hair.malaysian curly hair . Wash these accélération at least once a week.

    Work with a hot glue gun to connect hair extensions to small amounts of natural hair. So if you use this technique, you can health care the artificial hair just as the natural hair. Despite the fact that fusion method is an expensive and even time-consuming weaving technique, the results looks completely natural plus more versatile than any other strategy.

    Braid the normal hair and attach some net on top to which the head of hair extensions can be sewn. deep wave weave .This can be a highly flexible technique. Wild hair should be thoroughly dried following washing to keep the hair within the net from growing mould.

    Tree Braids
    Use cornrows braided into the natural curly hair. Fold a long length of manufactured hair in half in the prominent of the natural hair. Braid it in to the natural curly hair from the front of the terme conseillé all the way around to the nape of the neck in returning. Make the hair extensions throughout the braid and loose hang typically the strands.

    Sew little clips into the wefts connected with extensions. Attach them to the main natural hair, brazilian hair weave ,working with the nape of the neck max. Carefully comb the pure hair to cover the fasteners. Although clip-in hair extensions happen to be temporary hair extensions, they are also a reduced amount of damaging to the natural locks.

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