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    Colortuft carpet from the original yarn directly woven .the pattern is clear and changeable, elegant and noble colors, with multi-level layers of different pile heights in a pattern and very strong three-dimensional, excellent decorative effect. And the structure is close, not easy to down pile, and more stampede, the use of the process will not lose pile and shrink, mechanized mass production, pattern, color, quality and other high consistency, suitable for large quantities and pavement. The stains are not easy to penetrate,So this kind of carpet in the use of the cycle will be better than other types of carpets.
    Package:In roll with waterproof and dust proof dense PP woven fabric,customized is accept.

    Usage:Hotel,Showroom,Corridor,Exhibition,Office,Commercial,Restaurant,Living room,Banquet halls,ect.

    Feature:Pattern rich,Comfortable,Stain resistance,Environmental friendly,Anti-slip,Durable,Sound insulation,Good elasticity,Color fastness,Worm-resistant,High quality,Waterproof,Fire resistant Anti bacteria,Air purified,ect

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